Recall Programs – Workshop

Since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in 2011, every food manufacturer and food distributor must track the products they manufacture and distribute.

Most companies that adhere to FDA regulations and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) will never need to recall their food products. Still, every company should have a recall plan in place – just in case something happens. Set up your plan to ensure a smooth and speedy recall process should you ever need it.


This workshops helps participants establish a protocol to plan for and respond to a need to recall potentially unsafe food products by setting out:

  • The key steps in the food recall process;
  • The roles & responsibilities of food businesses and government during a food recall;
  • The legal requirements for food business;
  • Important elements of a food recall plan;
  • Insights on crisis management during food recall.


Quick Facts

  • Assistance in designing food recall plan;
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed;
  • On-site training possible;
  • Specifically designed for product managers & sector professionals;
  • Plans for recall classifications I – III.
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