PCQI Training for FSMA CompliancePreventive Control Qualified Individual Certification

The PCQI training is part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that was signed into law in 2011. FSMA is a national effort by the FDA to prevent contamination of both human and animal food during production.

FSMA is short for “Food Safety Modernization Act” and is also known as FSPC (Food Safety Preventive Controls).

By September 16, 2016 the majority of food processors need to have a Food Safety Plan in place that has been prepared by a “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” (PCQI). Note that simply having a PCQI prepare the Food Safety Plan is not sufficient. One of the key changes under FSMA that applies to nearly all food companies is that a properly trained PCQI needs to be part of the organization, so that the Food Safety Plan is prepared and applied by this individual.


The FDA has developed a standardized training curriculum that includes

  • Resources for and preliminary steps in developing a food safety plan;
  • Types of hazards, conducting a hazard analysis, preventive controls for hazards;
  • Monitoring preventive controls, verification and validation, and corrective actions/corrections;
  • Recordkeeping; and
  • Regulatory requirements.

Quick Facts

  • Food safety requirement by September 16, 2016
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed
  • Duration: 2.5 days / 20 hours
  • On-site training
  • FDA approved curriculum training
  • Specifically designed for sector professionals

Participants will receive an official FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual certificate issued by the FSPCA after attending this training program.

What is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual?

The FDA offers the following definition on what a PCQI is:

“A preventive controls qualified individual is someone who has successfully completed certain training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls or is otherwise qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system. The written food safety plan required of food facilities must be prepared, or its preparation overseen, by one or more preventive controls qualified individuals. And the preventive controls qualified individual is charged with overseeing the validation that preventive controls are capable of controlling identified hazards and the records review.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not safe to assume that because you have a HACCP plan in place you meet all the requirements of the Preventive Controls rule. There are preventive controls required in this rule other than those that are typically included as CCPs, a HACCP system may not comply with all requirements.

The FDA has publicly made comments that suggest that HACCP does not cover all the requirements included in the Preventive Controls rule:

” There are some differences in the requirements of the human preventive controls rule compared to the requirements of HACCP regulations for seafood, juice and meat and poultry such that training provided by the International HACCP Alliance may not be equivalent. Such an individual may need to obtain supplemental training specific to the rule. Alternatively, a person who has received the international HACCP Alliance training and has implemented a HACCP plan may be qualified through job experience.”

  • Sector Professionals,
  • Auditors,
  • Certification Managers,
  • Facility Managers,
  • Food Agents and Brokers,
  • Food Safety & Quality Consultants,
  • (Global) Food Safety Personnel,
  • HACCP Personnel,
  • Microbiologist Operations/Maintenance/Sanitation Owners,
  • Operators of Food Business Plants, Managers & Supervisors,
  • Public Health Inspectors, QA/QC Personnel,
  • Quality Auditors & Quality Systems Coordinators,
  • Regulatory Authorities & Personnel Risk management,
  • Personnel SQF Practitioners,
  • Supply Chain managers

The PCQI Training typically takes 2.5 days or 20 hours.

Yes, on-site training is definitely possible and even preferred. Being trained on-site gives you the added benefit of being able to ask questions directly related to your production facilities and get insight on what can be improved. In our experience, on-site training is very beneficial to companies and production managers.

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